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Emergency Dry-in & Dry-out Services

When a residence or business has been exposed to water, time is of the essence to eliminate or at least reduce the growth of mold. The first item of business upon arriving at job site is the "dry-in" by making necessary temporary roof repairs. Generally, porous materials that are wet are removed and discarded. (Those materials with obvious mold contamination are removed and disposed of properly.) Porous construction material include gypsum wallboard, plaster, carpet and carpet padding, fiberglass insulation, fiberglass ducts, cellulose insulation, flex duct. Other porous materials include furniture, mattresses, books, fabric materials, cardboard boxes, etc.Depending on the depth of water or amount of water damage, the sheetrock wall will be removed to at least two (2) feet above water mark. TECI will use sound professional judgment to determine how much material should be removed. Where appropriate, the client and/or property owner will be consulted regarding decisions to clean or remove additional material.After all necessary materials have been removed from the building, air moving machines and dehumidifiers are installed to dry the materials inside the building. A moisture meter will be used to determine when remaining materials have been dried sufficiently.


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